Originally from a farming background in rural Burgundy in France, Christian left secondary education to work as a delivery driver, then a long distance HGV driver. He also served in the French armed forces for a year in Germany.

Christian’s journey from a New Scot to a passionate SNP representative started 35 years ago. He arrived in Scotland with the intention to stay only a few years before leaving to travel the world. He says: ‘First I fell in love with my wife, then I fell in love with Scotland. Now with 3 children and 4 grandchildren, I’m still here.’

25 years ago, Christian’s young family moved from Glasgow to Aberdeen where he bought and sold seafood and exported fresh fish across Europe. With his experience, Christian began to get involved with the politics around fishing. He also got involved in his local community and served as a community councillor for many years, before joining the SNP.

In 2013, Christian put his name forward for the 2014 European Elections just before he was called to serve as a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the North-East region. He served 3 years in the Scottish Parliament. He is currently an elected councillor at Aberdeen City Council representing the ward of Torry and Ferryhill.

Ensuring that Scotland’s rural and fishing communities are getting all the support they need to thrive was a major part of Christian’s work as an MSP. Representing a diverse community in Aberdeen today, Christian understands the complex challenges that Brexit is bringing to Scotland.