St Andrews Night Grand Draw
30th Nov 2019

You could win this three-dimensional, hand produced box-framed facsimile of
Scotland’s Declaration of Independence to display at home, in time for the
700-year anniversary.

DOA on Stand with Artist

The main prize : THE DECLARATION OF ARBROATH 3D FACSIMILE  is a life-size replica created by “The Tartan Artisan”, Steven Patrick Sim, and is worth £2,500.

The original delicate Declaration of Scottish Independence document has not been seen in public for many years, when it last went on display briefly at the Scottish Parliament.

Officially Approved:

Approved by the National Records Office of Scotland in 2016, this facsimile is a fine art giclée 3D reproduction, produced from digitally deconstructed high-resolution images of the surviving document and its seals.

Authentic Reproduction:

Printed with archival inks and fine art heavy-weight textured paper, these elements are cut in minute details by laser, then painstakingly reassembled by hand in three dimensions.


3D Facsimile of the Declarations of Arbroath, signed by Scottish nobles,and dispatched to the Pope in 1320.

The facsimile comes framed and  protected with non-reflective art glass with UV filter. The result is an archival piece of fine art displayed with stunning clarity, and forms a unique record of Scotland’s most treasured state paper. It comes complete with certificate and the full translation of the Declaration of Arbroath in an accompanying booklet.

Tickets are £1.00 each (there are fiver per book), and can be obtained either by contacting: Gordon Smith, or online using the Paypal button below (using your own PayPay account or directly by credit or debit card; there is a 25p admin charge).  Your name and email will be allocated ticket numbers in the draw.  This will be confirmed to you by a return email.